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Too Naked To Be Fashion! March 18, 2011

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WoW! Am I the only one who saw Lady GaGa (LG) walk the catwalk?! You can look it up on YouTube, then comment! Okay, to start out, half of the girls had their boobs hanging out. That’s not fashion, that’s just being kinky. Get a life! Is that what they’re calling high fashion these days. OMG! That shouldn’t even be under any type of fashion categories at all. Wtf? Second, I would like someone to try to find shoes taller than 24″. If you do, comment the link and I’ll do a whole post just on you. But I’m gonna tell you now that if you do, I will ask you to e-mail me some pics of yourself in your cutest outfits.

In fact, anyone who wants me to blog about them, just e-mail me a couple pics and I’ll do a whole post just on you. If you want my e-mail address, then just comment or something. I’ll put it on the about page. Then you can e-mail me, and then I’ll blog about you. Easy as 1, 2, 3. But I have to have your permission to use at least ONE of the pics on the post. So if you e-mail me, then to me that means I have your permission. And just so you know, this is proof that I warned you so you can’t sue me or anything!!

Well, I don’t want to bore you with a super long post like I did last time, so that’s all I’m gonna write for now. 😛





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