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Current Love = Fur Vests March 21, 2011

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Vests are not the first thing most people think of as a fashion accessory, but we feel this delicious item is the perfect choice for this Spring. Never out of style, this little number adds a touch of glamour and a hint of drama into your own personal style. Pictured by Mary Kate Olsen below for Marie Claire’s Autumn Issue, we feel that red is the perfect option for a dramatic evening out. Opt for neutral tones on a day out shopping for a more casual feel. Our tip for fur vests: You can buy them in almost any size. For a more laid back look, get the vest in one or two sizes larger than usual whereas for a more fitted look choose a slightly smaller sized vest for the perfect fit.


Okay guys. That’s it for this post. But I still wanna remind you about the post thing that I’m doing. If you want a whole post about you, then e-mail me a couple pics of yourself in your CUTEST outfits, then I’ll have a whole blog about you. But by e-mail, then that means that you give me permission to put at least ONE of your pics on the blog.





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