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How To Dress With A Broken Arm March 26, 2011

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Hey guys. Well this post is going to take forever because I broke my arm. Ugh. It’s horrible. But I also got a new post topic! How to dress when you have a cast. Here’s the basics:

  • Plenty of shirts that are easy to get over your cast.
  • Plenty of sweatshirts.
  • Articles of clothing that coordinate with the color of your cast.

That’s all I can think of now. But make sure you have plenty of jeans. And shorts. Right now I’m. like, obsessed with those Nike track shorts. I love them! They’re comfortable and not tight, so that means they don’t make your thighs look huge. Sorry guys, but this is gonna be a short post. Here’s a few tips for you though if you have a broken arm:

  • Only let people sign it in black. Any other colors could make it horribly hard to dress or color coordinate.
  • Try not going with a cast color that’s too out there. Try just like a green or pink or blue or something like that. Probably not a yellow.
  • I wouldn’t go with white, because it will easily show dirt!

Well that’s all guys.



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