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Life Goes On March 30, 2011

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Hey guys. Well it’s been five days since I broke my arm. And for this post, the title says it all! At first I was really dreading having a broken arm. Ugh, it’s gonna be hard to do stuff. Oh, my arm really hurts. Just stupid stuff. But even though it’s only been five days, things are starting to become easier. And dah, dah, dah, dah, dah. You get the point.

Well here are some outfits that I’ve recently worn, with, of course, my broken arm. (I hate how that sounds!) But here you go:

  • Bootcut jeans with a black Knights (that’s our mascot) shirt.
  • Windpants with a grey Adidas sweatshirt.
  • Black track shorts with a pink breast cancer shirt once, and a grey knights shirt the other.
  • Skinny jeans with a blue sequin top.

But enough about my outfits. I have to tell you guys that this is really hard. My family is really broke right now. I just broke my arm, both of my grandparents just died (both of my mom’s parents), my mom just had a kidney infarction. And yes I know it sounds weird, but true story. It’s really rare and weird and stuff and she has 3 1/2 kidneys. I don’t know. But anyways. This is going to sound sooo weird but today my crush broke his ankle. But anyways, guys I have to help my parents raise money. And ideas? And by the way, if it isn’t obvious, it has to be something I can do with a broken arm. So I’m just gonna say right now, no babysitting, mowing, gardening, or anything like that. Okay please comment if you have any suggestions. And commenting with suggestions will also get you a whole post just about you! See a different post for details, though. Okay well that’s all that my arm/fingers can take tonight so ta-ta!




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