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Little Miss April 3, 2011

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Hey girls. Well I’m taking requests right now. If there’s anything you want me to talk about on the blog, then just e-mail me. I will be sure to talk about it! My email is:

Also, I’m adding an advice tab. So if you need advice, then you can email me. I will answer it on the blog. So if you need advice and you email me, then be suer to check up on the blog for my answer. That’s all for this post guys. I’ve been typing wayyy too much lately. And with a broken arm, it really isn’t the easiest thing to do. And let me just tell you guys. Actually breaking my arm is a good thing. I went to this music festival thing yesterday (I got fourth on my vocal solo! I was excited to tell you guys.) and a lot of HOT guys wanted to sign it. I of course said yes. But they didn’t just put their names, they put their numbers too! It was amazing. And I texted all of them last night! Now we’re facebook friends and I’m pretty sure I’m gonna have a boyfriend by the end of the night!! But anyways. I’ll blog to you guys later. Remember- requests and advice! And be sure to tell all your friends about this blog please! The more views the better the site!




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