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About February 23, 2011


That’s my e-mail. If you wanna be in one of my posts, e-mail me. All you gotta do is send me a couple pics. By e-mailing me though, I have your permission to put any of the pictures you send me on the post.



*Birthday: November 11 (Scorpio)
*Color of eyes: Bright Blue
*Hair: Brunette with natural blonde highlights.
*Shoe size: 6-8
*Brothers/Sisters: Two sisters, I’m the oldest
*Favorite Sport: Volleyball
*Number of Piercings: 4, double pierce on each ear
*Birthmarks? 1, on my inner arm
*Childhood nickname: Didn’t have one 😦

———————-RANDOM FAVORITES——————–
*Shampoo: Baby Shampoo
*Color: Black, Multicolored
*Day or Night: Night
*Ice Cream: Coffee
*Drink: French Vanilla Cappicino
*Music: All of it except techno
*Childrens’ Book: The Whole Junie B. Jones series 🙂
*Season: Fall and Spring
*Smell: Root Beer
*Vegetable: Potato
*Fruit: Kiwi
*Game: Apples to Apples
*Holiday: All of Them
*Meal: Anything my Grandma cooks! Yum!
*Day of the week: Saturday
*Word: Cuagulate
*Cookie: Crisp Chocolate Cookies
*Cake: German Chocolate
*Flower: Yellow Gerber Daisies
*Animal: My horse
*Book: The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen

*Movie: Any Disney movie with cute songs

*If you could build a house anywhere, where would it be? A mansion with a swimming pool, hot tub, beautiful deck, and balcony with a great view.
*What is your favorite article of clothing? My black blouse with the lace back.
*Favorite physical feature of the opposite sex? Guys that are older (does that count?)
*Favorite nonphysical feature of the opposite sex? Shyness
*The last CD you bought? Now 37
*Where’s your least favorite place to be? Too many to name just one!
*What’s your favorite kitchen appliance? Toasters!! (Don’t ask why!!)
*What makes you really angry? When people take my stuff without asking.
*If you could play an instrument, what would it be? Guitar

*Which do you prefer: sports car or SUV? Sports Car!!
*If you could have one super power, what would it be? Mind Control


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